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This photo of my brother, taken in California demonstrates two different photography techniques. Rule of thirds and leading lines are both present. Rule of thirds is shown with the bottom layer as the street, then the green, trees, and mountain in the middle, then the sky on top. Then the street and the painted lines are leading to my brother, the car, and beyond. I think this photo came out very nice, and colors, techniques, and elements are well crafted.

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leading lines

These two photographs I took both represent leading lines in their own way. There are natural and man made lines. The first photo of the Brooklyn Bridge show the wires leading up to the subject. There are many wires working together to hold up the bridge, and they are all leading to the same place. The second photo is of my dad riding a bike, and there are multiple lines leading to him, the subject. There is the middle yellow line, the side of the road, and the tree tops. I like the way the photos are, they both clearly demonstrate the leading lines photography skill.